Hey everyone, what’s up?

First of all, I’d like to thank you guys for 20 followers! I never expected this community to be so welcoming and friendly with your likes and comments. You guys are awesome!

Anyway, this week feels like such a blur. A lot of homework,singing, book reading, cake eating, talking, studying, makeup doing, and sleeping. ( Pretty much my life in a sentence) I’m so happy because I can finally spend time with family and do what I want to do.

Right now, my area is on tornado watch and I’m really hoping that I don’t have school tomorrow so I can have another day to chill.

At the moment, I’m in what I call, a “Reading Slump”. I just finished a book that I got so emotionally attached to and now I don’t know what to do haha. Honestly, this is why I don’t read that much. But I feel like I need a new start so after school tomorrow (If there is school…) I’m going to march right back into the book store and pick up another one.

I really don’t know what book to get so if you have any ideas, leave them in the comments 🙂

Also, check out my bestfriends’ blogs @crazieblondie and @cookie713 because they’re awesome and just as crazy as me if not crazier ❤

– Boogie 🙂




The best advice…

She would tell me whenever I was feeling down,

When I felt separate from everybody else,

And the world came crashing down,

To be who I am and no one else.







Like a piece of art hanging on the wall.

There is nothing else like it.

It is individual,

It is remarkable.


Be who you are…

Some of the simplest yet best advice I’ve ever heard,

From the woman I respect most,

My mother.



Late night boredom

Hey everyone! How’s your Sunday been?

Mine’s been semi-productive because I cleaned my room and went to the store and got some new school supplies. But I still have a crap ton of assignments to do. School is hard man. But me being me, I’m probably going to put it off until the last minute. Luckily I don’t have school tomorrow because of MLK day.

So I’m going to spend my day tomorrow relaxing while (possibly) getting stuff done. If not… well I guess that’s what my lunch period will be for on Tuesday…lol Ughhh I absolutely cannot wait for summer. For now, I just have to get through all of these assignments.

But right now, I’m having one of those late night bursts of energy where I feel like the opportunities are endless. Like when, you’re very much awake and looking for something to do but just cant seem to find anything. I’m currently reading Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen, so this is occupying my boredom but I still want something to do. Watch tv? Idk. Do homework? HELL noooo. Find a late night snack? Now that’s what I’m talking about…

Wow why must I be so cheesy AHHHH.

Also, thank you everyone for following the blog and reading about my weirdness haha

See you soon with another blog post!

-Boogie 🙂

Get to know me

Why must teachers schedule tests and presentations for Mondays?! Nice… a great way to start off my week, with the inevitable stress that comes with test taking.

But OMG BLESS MY PROJECT PARTNER FOR BEING ABSENT TODAY SO I DID’NT HAVE TO PRESENT! At least I have another day to put it off. But basically we had to invent something that would solve an “annoyance” in life and then present it to the class. So we came up with a super bookmark that saved the place you were in a book to the exact line. I mean it’s not the most interesting thing but you have to admit that would be pretttttyyyy helpful.

Anyway, during class, (Yeah I was kinda paying attention) I started to think about what I might want to write about today. I figured since this blog is still really new, I could do a sort of Intro/Get to know me.

  1. Nice scented candles are the way to my heart ❤
  2. I like every genre of music but my favorites are definitely alternative, R & B, and pop.
  3. I’m either a really slow walker in the hallway or Usain Bolt… There’s no in between.
  4. I try to be really motivated when it comes to reading and writing but sometimes it’s just not all there.
  5. I’m really good at embarrassing myself in front of people I like.
  6. I really like to sing so I take musical theater classes and I’m also in my schools’ choir.
  7. I daydream ALOT.
  8. I absolutely cannot sleep without my stuffed monkey that I’ve had forever.
  9. I really like doing peoples makeup and I tend to spend a little too much time at Sephora.
  10. Chick-fil-A  will always be one of my favorite places.
  11. Math is AWFUL never do it – advice from Boogz 2017
  12. I have the two most awesome best friends in the world.
  13. I watch scary movies a lot even though I know I’ll have nightmares.
  14. I really want to learn how to play piano.
  15. My guilty pleasure shows will always be Degrassi and Teen wolf ❤

I had a lot of fun making this list and I hope to write every day but we’ll see…

Share a cool fact about you in the comments!

-Boogie 🙂

My blog

Hey everyone!

Okay so this is my first blog post!!! We all have our new year’s resolutions and as you can see mine was to start a blog! Hopefully this turns out good, if not well… oops. Let’s try not to make this one of those new years resolutions we forget about!

Anyway, I figured this could be a cool way to document stuff that goes on in my life without the burden of having to write it in a journal or diary. You don’t know how my times ive attempted to have a diary but have it fail after a couple of days. I’m completely jealous of those people who are so consistent at it.

But to be honest, I’m not 100% sure on what I want the theme of this blog to be yet so I guess you’re along for the ride and we’ll see when we get there haha. I think this could be a pretty neat experiment.

Just to let you know, I’m going to try and keep this anonymous like how a diary would be and that’s why I’m going by my nickname boogie or boogz, whatever you like… yea I know weird nickname, I got it a while ago for I don’t even remember what reason. But I hope you enjoy the blog and don’t forget to follow me on my new INSTAGRAM @BOOGIEBLOGGER

-Boogie 🙂