Get to know me

Why must teachers schedule tests and presentations for Mondays?! Nice… a great way to start off my week, with the inevitable stress that comes with test taking.

But OMG BLESS MY PROJECT PARTNER FOR BEING ABSENT TODAY SO I DID’NT HAVE TO PRESENT! At least I have another day to put it off. But basically we had to invent something that would solve an “annoyance” in life and then present it to the class. So we came up with a super bookmark that saved the place you were in a book to the exact line. I mean it’s not the most interesting thing but you have to admit that would be pretttttyyyy helpful.

Anyway, during class, (Yeah I was kinda paying attention) I started to think about what I might want to write about today. I figured since this blog is still really new, I could do a sort of Intro/Get to know me.

  1. Nice scented candles are the way to my heart ❤
  2. I like every genre of music but my favorites are definitely alternative, R & B, and pop.
  3. I’m either a really slow walker in the hallway or Usain Bolt… There’s no in between.
  4. I try to be really motivated when it comes to reading and writing but sometimes it’s just not all there.
  5. I’m really good at embarrassing myself in front of people I like.
  6. I really like to sing so I take musical theater classes and I’m also in my schools’ choir.
  7. I daydream ALOT.
  8. I absolutely cannot sleep without my stuffed monkey that I’ve had forever.
  9. I really like doing peoples makeup and I tend to spend a little too much time at Sephora.
  10. Chick-fil-A  will always be one of my favorite places.
  11. Math is AWFUL never do it – advice from Boogz 2017
  12. I have the two most awesome best friends in the world.
  13. I watch scary movies a lot even though I know I’ll have nightmares.
  14. I really want to learn how to play piano.
  15. My guilty pleasure shows will always be Degrassi and Teen wolf ❤

I had a lot of fun making this list and I hope to write every day but we’ll see…

Share a cool fact about you in the comments!

-Boogie 🙂


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