Hey everyone, How’s it going?

Today has definitely been a long one. I’ve been sick the past couple of days so today I went back to school. Just the usual catching up on work and stressing over whatevers due. But other than that, today was pretty good.

The highlight of my day was  after school, when I made my weekly visit to Barnes and Noble and picked out a book.

I decided that I wanted to try something new so I ventured into the poetry section. I picked up a book that caught my eye called “I wrote this for you” by pleasereadthis. I heard good reviews on it so I’m super excited to read through and see how I feel about it. Anyway, while I was picking it out, this group of older men sitting in some nearby lounge chairs, were having a pretty lengthy discussion about how the world was created and the possibility of other dimensions etc. It was very interesting to hear stuff like this in person. Interesting to see a group of people peacefully sharing ideas about one topic in an educated way. It was cool to witness this, even though it was pretty random and out of the blue.

On another note, I am pleased to announce that after all this waiting… I finally took my drivers permit test. Luckily I passed and I’m getting my permit next week. It’s weird because, I took drivers ed. sooooo long ago but I waited a grand total of six months before I took the actual test, (Good Job Boogz 😦 ) That was definitely a mess up on my part but I’m glad that I finally did it and can begin this scary driving journey.

Right now, I’m going to devour a couple slices of pizza and go from there. Thanks for reading guys…

-Boogie 🙂



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