How to get rid of stress!

Hey Everyone, What’s up?

I haven’t made a blog post in a while because I’ve been busy with A LOT. School, extra curriculars etc. And I’ve noticed how stressed and anxious I’ve been lately about all the stuff I have to do. Then I thought to myself “Seriously?! Your’e only fifteen, you shouldn’t be this stressed about stuff this much already”. I try to live with this mentality and remind myself that everything will get done eventually  but sometimes it’s hard to do.

That is why, as of today, February 20, 2016, I’m going to try not to stress about these small, provincial things. I’ve realized that this is the time of my life where things are suppose to be simple. Time isn’t suppose to be spent worrying about when the next assignment is due. This doesn’t mean that I’m going to start slacking off in school; but that I need to learn how to take a chill pill every once and a while…

So I’ve compiled this small list of things that can help me (or you guys) out!

  1. Find the main things you’re stressed about and figure out what you can do to fix them as soon as possible. Procrastination never helps.
  2. Smile more 🙂 This one’s simple yet effective. Smiling a little more couldn’t hurt.
  3. Don’t take everything so serious. Don’t be afraid to laugh a little.
  4. Do what you want to do and whatever makes you happy. Life’s too short not to.
  5. Think positively about things. I know this may be hard for school or something your not looking forward to, but adjusting your mindset about something, can definitely make it better.

Thank you guys for reading and hopefully you found this helpful ❤

I’m going to try and do more blog posts so be on the lookout!

-Boogie 🙂


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