Day 3: Monday

Hey everyone, whats up?

As you can see, I’m actually keeping up with this blogging everyday thing. (Be proud lol) Hopefully, I didn’t just jinx it by saying that being that we’re only on day three haha. I really enjoy writing on here; there’s something really calming/ therapeutic about it.  But today was pretty uneventful. One of those days where you try so hard to go out into the world and be productive or do something fun but you remember you don’t have a car, just a permit, and my two best friends are still doing school stuff.

So what does Boogie do when she’s bored?? That’s right, she starts binge watching any show she can get her hands on. Today’s pick was The Fosters. I havent watched that show in so long but I’m so glad I did. I miss the characters so much. I love when shows are like that. I also watched part of Spring Breakers… (oh that movie)

But like I said, today was pretty uneventful. Usually when I’m bored, I come up with some brand new big idea, so I’m just waiting for that to happen lol. But for now, I’m just going to read and maaaybe organize my makeup. We’ll see where that goes. But I hope you guys had an awesome day! I’ll be back tomorrow with another.

-Boogie 🙂




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