Monday + Positivity :p

Hey guys!

So today was Monday aka Leave Boogie Alone Day aka Why World, Must You Make Me Go To School Day…

lol I feel like I’m exaggerating. Today wasn’t too bad. Just a day consisting of unnecessary stress, daydreaming during class, and dealing with the occasional people that I don’t care for. I try my best to not have any problems with people and be positive, but there are those occasional people that slip through the cracks. People that seem like they try their absolute best to annoy you. But, I just try to remind myself that positivity is the most important thing during school.

For example…

My friends and I sometimes play this game where we name five good things that happened that day. And it’s pretty therapeutic; I highly recommend it. For me I would say those five things of the day are…

  1. Eating a nice breakfast
  2. Finishing all my English homework
  3. Finding my favorite pair of headphones
  4. Seeing my friends
  5. Getting a perfect score on my science assignment

These seem like simple things but it’s interesting to think about and be reminded of.

Anyway, so after school I went over to my Grandma’s house and helped her out a little bit with some stuff she needed to do. I don’t know a lot about her being that she just moved to where I live and I didn’t exactly grow up near her, but I’m happy she’s here now. She’s letting me borrow a few of her favorite books and I think that’s so awesome. I guess she’s where I got my love of reading from. It’s interesting to see how alike we are. And I’m looking forward to learning more about her.

Lately even with the stress of school and life, I’ve been very calm. I really like it this way.

But I hope you all had a lovely day! Thanks for reading ❤

-Boogie 🙂